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It has been said time and time again that there is no handbook to parenting. However, that does mean there isn’t help…

Parenting is a rewarding, beautiful, and amazing role. But…it also comes with it’s stresses, challenges, and uncertainties. As a parent, help and support is important, this can come from family, friends, resources, community, AND therapists. 

I am honoured to work with parents and provide support in navigating the: challenges, confusions, and joys of parenting. I work with parents to support the gaining of new skills and tools while celebrating strengths and successes. 

As a Certified Play Therapist, I understand the development of children and adolescents, as while as the impact of relationships and attachment. Often, parent support sessions incorporate psychoeducational information to assist parents in “figuring out” their children’s world. With this information we are better equipped to discover and create strategies to support the gaining of coping tools and emotional regulation. Parent support sessions are a collaborative journey, where we work together to incorporate psychoeducational materials and resources to be curious and attuned to children’s experiences and thus discover pathways to support the therapeutic journey. 

Mother and Baby on Floor
Parent Support Sessions: Services
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