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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Through this last year I have been amazed by the adaptability and resiliency of humanity. Together, as a society, we have experienced so much change, uncertainty, and stress. Yet, I am constantly honoured to work with individuals who demonstrate our innate strengths and capacity to grow, adapt, and heal. Through such difficult times it has been truly inspiring to witness and walk along side the therapeutic journeys of those I’ve worked with.

This led me to my own journey of growth. So I began exploring what it would look like to open my own private practice. Honestly, it was terrifying for me to begin to think about opening a private practice. This would expose me to a world that I did not have much experience with…the business world.

I’ve been a social worker, working as a therapist for over 6 years. I’ve been involved in the mental health field for over 10 years. My area of comfort and safety is in the world of being in the helping profession, not business. It felt like a big shift and I certainly had (and still do have) moments of self-doubt about my capacity to succeed as a business owner. But, despite this fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt, I was inspired by the possibilities. I was excited to think about all ways I could share information. I was enthusiastic about continuing to do the work I am so passionate about – connect with others and support individuals in achieving their therapeutic goals.

Through collaborating with individuals and supporting therapeutic journeys I have learned so much. Every day I am astonished by the courage, bravery, and resiliency I am fortunate enough to witness. As a business owner I still have much to “figure out”, but I am eager to take on this journey and continue to grow and learn. As a Registered Social Worker, I am beyond excited to be able to share my knowledge, support individuals in connecting to their strengths and resiliency, and providing empathetic therapeutic support.

In this space, I aim to share information about the modalities and approaches I use in therapy sessions. As well as, do my best to share information and resources in a transparent and accessible way. I’m hoping these posts will be informative, helpful, and am grateful for any questions!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this space!

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